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Vision, Mission, and Four Pillars

The Four Pillars of Literacy Collaborative a graphical representation of the information described on the page.

The Literacy Collaborative Vision, Mission, and Four Pillars are intended to inform and support personnel who are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Literacy Collaborative schools and classrooms. The Vision, Mission, and Four Pillars are based on research of effective practice and are essential for assuring quality implementation of the Literacy Collaborative.

Our Vision

Teaching for a Literate Life for All Children

Our Mission

Investing in building educator capacity through professional learning to ensure the best preparation for the future of children.

Four Pillars

  • Collective Ownership of Student Outcomes
  • Commitment to Research-Based Instructional Practices
  • Utilize Data-Driven Teaching and Decision-Making
  • Investment in Building Evidence-Based Professional Capacity

Vision, Mission, and Pillars Document