Our offices are at 1100 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212.

Visitors to The Ohio State University campus will need to pay for parking. For complete information about all parking options, rates, hours, and terms visit CampusParc's information page for details.

If your vehicle does not have a front license plate, you must park head-in so that your plate is readable from the drive lane.


Hourly parking

Use the ParkMobile app to pay for hourly parking. Download the ParkMobile app here. For the parking lot around 1100 Kinnear Rd, use Zone #69346 in the app. If you park in the lot across the street from 1100 Kinnear Rd, use Zone #69104. More zone information is available here.

The parking rate using the ParkMobile app is $2.75 per hour during normal business hours.

Surface lot day pass

A surface lot day pass costs $10.75. You can buy this pass online at the CampusParc website. To get the $10.75 daily rate, you need to click "Purchase This Permit" and register as a guest user.


Ohio State has prepared a list of hotels in the University Hospitality District. The hotels on the list would be suitable for those coming to Literacy Collaborative.