Each year, educators with a variety of roles and titles turn to Literacy Collaborative for training. The program’s foundations are rooted in evidence and work to support school improvement to reach high literacy outcomes for each child.

Fostering a responsive literacy culture

Meredith Morris: A Literacy Coach's Journey

Literacy Coach Meredith Morris
Meredith Morris
Literacy Coach
Indian River Central School District
Antwerp, New York

Meredith Morris, who works as a district wide literacy coach for Indian River Central School District in Antwerp, New York recently completed her yearlong training for primary grades. The training involved intensive professional learning (230 hours) across 12-15 months and prepared her to implement the Literacy Collaborative Framework in her school or districtwide. She also developed the capacity to train other teachers on-site at the building level through professional development and coaching.

What made you want to become a literacy coach?

I have always been passionate about teaching reading and writing in the classroom. I am also a helper by nature, so being able to work alongside teachers to do what is best for students energizes me. When the opportunity presented itself that I could do both of these full-time, I jumped at the chance.

What did you enjoy most about the experience?

The training and support of The Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative trainers was exceptional. Although I had a strong background in literacy, the learning opportunities I received as a part of the process helped to grow and shape my level of understanding about Literacy Collaborative and coaching. The relationships built not only with the Ohio State trainers, but within my training class, made it a rewarding part of this experience. I have made lifelong friends.
Teachers in training class
Indian River Central School District Literacy Coaches offer training classes for new teachers on ways to implement Literacy Collaborative framework.
Children's work
Writing workshop ‘All About Sharks’ and a clay pinch pot.

What was your biggest takeaway?

Literacy Collaborative is ultimately about impacting people. Through professional development and coaching, I provide small lifts to teachers that lead to big shifts which can impact their students. It is an amazing privilege that I do not take lightly. I also learned that coaching is built on trust. Without it, I cannot be effective. With it, I can help bring change.

What’s next for you?

I will continue as a district K-3 literacy coach with Indian River Central School District. I assist in three elementary K-3 buildings within my school district, providing support through professional development, short term residencies, and coaching conversations to help teachers and students in literacy areas.
Teacher professional learning
2022-23 Indian River Central School District new teacher training class participants.
Children's enagaged in virtual reality reading.
A new activity in the classrooms included an integrated unit on virtual reality reading.