Literacy Collaborative coach training

Intensive professional learning (230 hours) across 12-15 months that prepares a coach to implement the Literacy Collaborative Framework in a school. Literacy Collaborative coaches develop the capacity to train other teachers on-site at the building level through professional development and coaching.


Literacy Collaborative Aligns with the Ohio Department of Education Teacher Professional Development Standards

Teacher Leaders are essential to the advancement of teaching and learning in Ohio’s Schools. Literacy Collaborative Coach training at Ohio State directly aligns with the Professional Development Standards in the State of Ohio.

Coursework for simultaneously becoming an Ohio Endorsed Teacher Leader and Literacy Collaborative Coach are aligned to help you manage your learning with thoughtful attention given to alignment of assignments, online class expectation, and authentic application of learning in your school setting.

Literacy Collaborative coaches, both in-training and trained, thoroughly fulfill the requirement for field experience set for by the Ohio Department of Education Teacher Leader Endorsement requirements making these professional learning opportunities manageable when completed in tandem.

Coach training application

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Teacher leader endorsement

Recognized by the Ohio Department of Education, the Teacher Leader Endorsement from Ohio State fulfills one of the requirements to obtain the Lead Professional Educator License, the top qualification on Ohio's highest four-tiered licensure structure.

Literacy Collaborative coach training at Ohio State University directly aligns with the Professional Development Standards in the State of Ohio. Once trained, the pathway to becoming an Ohio Teacher Leader is set to successfully complete the Teacher Leader Endorsement program at Ohio State.

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