Building Educator Capacity
Each year, educators with a variety of roles and titles turn to Literacy Collaborative for training. Our foundations are rooted in evidence and work to support school improvement to reach high literacy outcomes for each child.

Comprehensive and Responsive Literacy

A well‑designed literacy framework positions students as participants in active thinking, engaging conversations, and authentic reflections about texts that are purposefully chosen to meet the variety of needs and interests of students.

The foundation of these experiences begins with high-quality children’s literature and a systematic way to use the literature, which includes whole-group, small-group, and individual reading and writing contexts.

A cornerstone of our project is dynamic, long-term professional development. We train school-based literacy coaches in research-based methods and provide them with ongoing professional development as they continually implement these approaches in their own classrooms, and we support them as they provide on-site training for the teachers in their schools.

Implementing quality, comprehensive literacy instruction is not just the responsibility of classroom teachers. The role of the administrator of a school is vital. A positive, supportive partnership across the staff led by the building administrator can create a collaborative school culture that expects, supports, and celebrates learning—not only for the students, but for every educator in the building as well.

Effective professional learning

Literacy Collaborative incorporates all seven of the Learning Policy Institute's elements for successful professional learning that changes teacher knowledge and practices and improves student outcomes.

  • Content-focused
  • Incorporates active learning
  • Supports collaboration
  • Uses models of effective practice
  • Provides coaching and expert support
  • Offers feedback and reflection
  • Is of sustained duration

In addition to literacy coach training, we also offer a range of academies, institutes and workshops for classroom teachers, coaches, administrators, and school literacy teams. We are eager to work with individual districts and schools to create learning pathways that meet specific needs.

A boy raeding a picturebook.

K-8 professional learning

Options for classroom teachers, administrators, and leadership teams to raise achievement in reading and writing. Implement research-based responsive teaching practices and develop collaborative learning communities.
A boy Writing independently in a classroom.

Leveled Literacy Intervention

LLI is an intensive, small group intervention designed to accelerate the literacy development of K-2 and 3-8 students who are below grade level in reading and writing achievement.
A girl writing Independently in a classroom.

Literacy coach training

Intensive professional learning (230 hours) across 12-15 months that prepares a literacy coach to implement the Literacy Collaborative Framework in a school.