Art of Coaching Institute

Art of Coaching Institute 1

Sep 11-13, Oct 22-24, & Nov 25-26, 2019 | $2,400

This series of professional development sessions will prepare participants to use coaching as a strategy for developing instructional capacity among literacy teachers. Participants will learn to shape understandings of best practice and prompt reflection to develop more responsive teaching and greater student achievement. These sessions use a hands-on, collaborative approach and will require that participants engage in coaching between sessions.

Bring Required Texts:

Systems for Change by Lyons & Pinnell;

The Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Expanded Edition

Teaching for Comprehension & Fluency by Fountas and Pinnell

The Literacy Quick Guide: A Reference Tool for Responsive Literacy Teaching by Fountas & Pinnell (Heinemann) — ISBN 978-0-325-05128-4 / 0-325-05128-3 / 2018 / 96pp / Spiral / Grade Level: PreK - 8th.

Art of Coaching Institute 2

April 3-4, 2019 | $550
Art of Coaching Institute Brochure

As a follow-up to The Art of Coaching Institute 1, this two-day session will deepen thinking and provide additional opportunities to develop coaching expertise through collaborative learning experiences.


  • The Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Continuum, Expanded Edition;
  • Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency by Fountas & Pinnell; and,
  • Systems for Change by Lyons & Pinnell;

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